The Port of Liverpool Building: International Womens Day Exhibition

 8 March 2012 for International Womens Day

 The Port of Liverpool Building  
50 amazing ordinary Merseyside Women telling their story through huge painted self portraits- full of beautiful symbols and imagery.

Contributers includes young girls from social enterprises in Bootle and city centre Womens Hostels, as well as business women, mums, grandmas,  aged from 7 to 70-  most women who have never painted before !  We learnt that expression is the opposite of depression and this coutrse has transformed lives, built amazing friendships and produced a stunning exhibition.

The women have now formed a community group to help other women do this creative journey and have secured a community exhibition at The Tate in the summer…we are aiming to get 100 portraits by International Womens Day 2013. Our work is being showcased at Vienna womens conference and we have lots of international interest.


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