The Monro: Liverpool Biennial The Unexpected Guest

15 September – 25 November 2012

Janine Antoni
Umbilical, 2000
Antoni’s work draws upon the complex,  intimate relationship between mother and
child, and between objects and bodies.  Antoni cast the inside of her mouth, cupped  around the bowl of a monographed silver  spoon, a family heirloom. At the other end  is an impression of the space within her  mother’s hand. Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York

Markus Kåhre
No title, 2012
The artist has conceived an inn: a  welcoming and cosy environment where  slight physical and sensorial shifts conjure  against the peace of mind of the guests,  suggesting that the site might be haunted.

Dane Mitchell
Spectral Readings (Liverpool), 2012
Ghost Paper, 2012
Mitchell has created a wall-based work  incorporating Marcel Duchamp’s equation  ‘A Guest + A Host = A Ghost’ into its  design; and a series of hollow glass  objects: containers or traps for ghost  stories. The sculptures took shape  and hardened as local tales were  spoken into molten glass.


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