The Climbing Hanger: Common Ground

1 June 18:30 – 21:30

This innovative exhibition brings together the works of artists Rachel Armstrong, Robert Lisney and Imogen Stidworthy.  ‘Common Ground’ examines a sense of community and the evolution of this ‘sense’ in a world where influences; invited and uninvited, work to redefine it.  This ‘sense’ is built as much upon experiences of difference as it is by place, language and lives in common.  This understanding is reflected in the host venue, The Liverpool Climbing Hangar.  The three artists are all engaged at different levels with activities at The Hangar and its emerging communities.

June 1st/6.30-9.30/The Climbing Hangar, 6 Birchall St, L20 8PD/0151 3450587/


DJ: Liam Greene