The Brindley Arts Centre: Toward the Light by Pip Dickens

The Brindley Arts Centre: Toward the Light by Pip Dickens

31 March – 12 May

A collection of recent and new paintings and drawings (whilst in residency at Cartwright Hall Art Gallery and Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley) Pip Dickens’ paintings explore notions of extremes and visual confusion – a kind of ‘terrible beauty’ and she has been described as an ‘inveterate flirter with the alchemy of paint’. In this exhibition we are invited to suspend belief and become voyeurs – peering into strange worlds of natural phenomena, phantasmagoria, fictions and dark histories where shadow, fog, dust and illumination create atmospheres that are both familiar and strange. Sound compositions accompany the exhibition by Monty Adkins composer, performer and lecturer of experimental electronic music and audio art at the University of Huddersfield. He has drawn upon a range of paintings in this exhibition to produce extraordinary evocative sound pieces.

Artist Talk in the Gallery

Saturday:21st April 2012

Reception: 12:15

Talk: 12:30

Pip Dickens will do a walk and talk through the gallery and this will be followed by an additional talk by composer Professor Monty Adkins the sound compositions accompanying this exhibition.



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