The Bohemia Space: Rituals

The Bohemia Space: Rituals

3 – 21 April 2012

Viewing: 3 April 19:30

The Bohemia Space is pleased to announce from John Moores fine art department: Rituals A Practice In Progress. Representing the exhibition are second year students Jacob Cordingly, Kayleigh Devlin, Katie Green, and Amy Walker.

Rituals A Practice In Progress, is a special exhibition that showcases the final works from the artist’s, as well as their notes, drawings, and writings about the process of there practice. Each of the four artists investigates their own routine act of advancing and maturing their own system of art. The exhibition space has been divided into two parts: The higher end of the space acts as the informative arena while the lower part, including downstairs in the basement, becomes the main focus of the exhibition space.