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The Bohemia Space: Michael Lacey presents After The Flood

19 February – 24 March 2013

Viewing: 19 February 19:30 – late

Michael Lacey, presents After The Flood, solo exhibition


About Michael Lacey:

I am primarily interested in the role of narrative in art and everyday

life, and the relationship between fiction and its creators. I use

various 2D media to present scenes in which recurrent characters and

symbols allude to an over-arching mythology and themes of mortality

and isolation. These scenes are often fantastical or absurd, but always

inspired by real experiences.


While dense with personal significance, the work in AFTER THE FLOOD is

intended to create a contemplative space for the viewer, often guided

by bleak humour, cultural references and visual cues. The mixed-media

canvasses depict a bleak, purgatorial coastal landscape and the

travels and rituals of its inhabitants. Combining drawn/painted

elements with various collaged materials suggests a blurring between

the real and the fictive, the mingling of individual and shared

experience, as archival imagery of well-known architecture is

reconstituted into strange yet familiar forms. Amidst these

suggestive scenes, techniques derived from classical painting and

modern comic books are used to convey fragmented, parabolic



Michael Lacey is an artist and writer based in Liverpool. He studied

Painting and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art, graduating in

2009 and receiving the Walter Hutcheson Prize for drawing. He has

since exhibited widely around the UK. Recent projects have included a

large collage mural in Glasgow and a limited edition comic book which

attracted praise from Alan Moore.


Opening Night Tuesday 19th Feb

Exhibition continues until 24th March.