The Bluecoat: Economies of Generosity symposium

1 December 12

11 – 17:00

A day of presentations and discussion, the Economies of Generosity
symposium provides an opportunity to explore the role of gift-giving
and generosity in both capitalist and alternative economies, as
thought through themes of education, sponsorship, volunteering, piracy
and theft.
With central government endorsing/enforcing projects such as The Big
Society and Workfare, a parallel force, in the form of the financial
crisis and ‘austerity’, forces communities to think about
alternatives to capitalist transactions.
Economies of Generosity provides an opportunity to talk through some
of the issues at stake.
For an up to date list of those contributing, please visit

* This event is free but booking is advised, please contact Bluecoat
Tickets and Information on 0151 702 5324 or to
reserve tickets *


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