The Atrium, Liverpool Daily Post: MilModa Art Spring/Summer Pop Up Art Exhibition

The Atrium, Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Building, Capital Building: MilModa Art Spring/Summer Pop Up Art Exhibition Sponsored by Trinity Mirror

26 April 2012

Spring/Summer is the new Touring Pop-Up Art Exhibition from MilModa Art with Amazing Original Contemporary & Modern Fine Art Paintings & Sculpture. Abstract, semi-abstract, landscape, seascapes and floral.
For Art lovers and Collectors this is an extraordinary stunning spectacle of quality artists and paintings of exceptional perfection.

Time: 11:00 am – 18:00 pm

The Spring/Summer Exclusive Art Tour of Local, National and International artists from MilModa
Art will be on display for one day only in the Atrium Area of the Liverpool Post and Echo, Capital
Building. In other locations, past shows have attracted a vast array of people but this is the first time a
display has ever been shown in its home city of Liverpool.


MilModa Art was created by Wirral born and bred Michelle Linger, who qualified in Art and Design
from Wirral Art School in Withens Lane and then continued with her studies in Liverpool obtaining
a BA hons in Art History. She has over 20 years experience working in the art world and wanted to
create a touring gallery that could be appreciated not just in a static location, but by people from all
over the country at chosen venues. Michelle comments. “All works are exceptional, original pieces
that will look en vogue not only today but also in many years time. Over the years I have built up a
strong working relationship with a wide range of artists, locally, nationally and internationally”.

North-West born artist Chris Hankey has a passion for the outdoor Nature and weather from watching
wildlife and thunderstorms and incorporates mountaineering and astronomy into his work. Chris
comments. “There is a creative energy to the way the sea, earth, atmosphere and artist interact. It
seems to me that there is the light of nature and also the light of consciousness through which we
explore the world through a dynamic and creative relationship between our conscious selves and

He continues “I do not view the light of mind and the light of nature as separate creations but as
natural phenomena emerging through the natural evolution of the universe and the laws of nature. So I
paint the creative fluid interaction between light, sea, weather and mind”.

International artist Robert Hart’s abstract works are strong and vibrant images, relating to a connection
between things seen and remembered without regard for chronology, but more about ‘thresholds’
between one image or idea and another. Rob comments “Like dreaming, things don’t quite make sense
or seem logical-I want the images to convey that dream-like state”.

Rob explains that a large canvas will be on show in Spring/Summer entitled ‘Flotsam and Jetsam’
which continues an interest in water, “It’s significant to us. The humble buildings, fragile, on the point
of being washed away or drowned can be read as a metaphor for our personal experiences in life, but
can just as easily be related to the floods and Tsunamis we have been seeing and hearing about around the world. The power and unpredictability of nature, and the realisation that in nature there is no moral conscience”.

Charles Borrell is a contemporary, naturally gifted, self-taught Greek artist whose abstract paintings
are becoming highly collectable in the UK and Europe. The seascapes and landscapes he represents are
both full of power and beauty. His contrast between colour of sky and land gives the viewer the power
of nature. Focusing on the seductive time between twilight and the first light of dawn, he explores the
relationship of serenity, time and space, giving the viewer a glimpse into a world offering emotional
solace. Charles explains “Many of my paintings give the feeling of romanticism or relaxation whilst
other pictures are considered more powerful such as the Mediterranean scapes. They move the viewer
to focus on the movement, shapes and forms that nature creates”.

Mediocrity can overshadow the hidden gems of the art world but what MilModa represents is the
essence of excellence. Abstract, semi-abstract, landscape, seascape, equine sculpture and more will
be shown. For Art lovers and Collectors this is an extraordinary, stunning spectacle of quality artists,
original and unique artworks, representing true visual bliss.

The Atrium, Capital Building (Known as the Royal Sun & Liverpool Daily Post & Echo Building)
Old Hall Street Liverpool L3 9PP (Sat Nav)

On Thursday 26 April 11:00-18:00