Tate/Hope Street: Floating World

15 August 2012

Performances at 13:00 and 17:00

‘The world has tipped on it’s side,
There are faces in the clouds.
My reflection is no longer my own.’
Inspired by the works of Turner, Monet and Twombly, Floating World
uses storytelling, music and installation to take you on a journey;
discovering beauty in the hidden, and  darkness clawing just below the

Floating World can be viewed as two stand-alone performances, or you
are invited to travel from Everton Park down to the Tate, immersing
yourself in the whole experience.

Landscape is a promenade performance, guiding you around Everton Park.
Bring the whole family and enjoy a picnic while you experience the
performance in front of the best view in Liverpool.

Water explores the hidden areas of Tate Liverpool. Vibrant
performances in unexpected places allow a glimpse into the world of
secrets and mythology.


Hope Street’s Emerging Artists have been working with director
Montserrat Gili, designer Lois Maskell, musical director Jonathan
Hering and film maker Matt Kirton, in collaboration with local
community groups, to create Floating World. The resulting performances
are visual, dynamic and not to be missed!
Entrance to each Performance is Free.
Suitable for all ages.
Visit www.hope-street.org
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