Tate: Host by Soup

1 – 13 November 2012

Viewing: 2 November 18 – 20:00

Soup Collective are pleased to invite you to their upcoming exhibition ‘Host’ as part of the Independents Biennial 2012. Soup Collective are exploring the theme hospitality, more specifically on the notion of ‘host’. The word ‘Host’ can conjure up different meanings, either in a good or bad way. Exploring the notion of ‘host’ is an exciting opportunity for artists to come up with a piece of work that explores the theme and come up with something that is totally unique and thought provoking. The Soup artists will interpret the word ‘host’ in their own unique way through the use of different media and techniques including painting, installations, illustrations, drawings, photography, ceramics and mixed media.

The artists are:
Steve Ashton
Ed Bruce
Sharon Bentley
May Chong
Neal Dawson
Ruth Edwards
Gary Kelly Hartley
John Hughes
Gareth Kemp
Lee Kendall
Tifany Kendall
Jackie Kerr
Vincent Lavell
Joanne McClellan
Joe Nagle
Jason Richardson
Ashlea Rowson
Roger Sinek
Nick Sykes
Lindsey Tetlow
Louise Waller
Wendy WilliamsThe PV will be on Friday 2nd November 2012 6-8pm.Please join us if you can. We are pleased to announce that there will be performances in the form of poetry reading by John Hughes, Jason Richardson and Gary Kelly Hartley.