St Lukes: Burnt Wood Circle

15 September – 30 November 2012

his atmospheric piece invites viewers to
contemplate the cycle of destruction,
death, rebirth and growth into new life. It is
inspired by the opportunity for spiritual
growth following periods of trauma. It
forms a dramatic circular ‘henge’ of
charred wood, 10’ across and 6’ high
made from salvaged timber that has been
burnt as individual pieces in a fire pit in a
meditative, ritualistic cleansing process
to produce a charred surface layer. The
pieces are fixed together to become an
evocative sculptural circle with pointed
spires, striking shapes and well defined
negative spaces. By the elemental power
of fire, the wood has been transformed
and preserved into a beautiful textured
surface as it splits and burns in the extreme heat. Exposing the wood
to fire preserves it from further decay.
Although carbon is formed from the process of destruction, it is
the basis of the formation of new life.