News From Nowhere: Hitler’s List – An Illustrated Guide To Degenerates

News From Nowhere: Hitler’s List – An Illustrated Guide To Degenerates

15 February 19:00

Hitler’s List was a long one. There was to be no place in the new Nazi Reich for anybody or anything that threatened the purity of his vision. Being an artist himself, he knew beyond doubt that abstract art was ‘degenerate’.

Most people with lists like Hitler’s never get the chance to take them further than the nearest psychiatric ward, but his obsessions were unleashed on a civilisation. In consequence, a great number of talented people, with much to contribute to German culture, were prevented from working, persecuted and even murdered.

In this presentation, based on his book, John Minnion uses caricatures and music to tell the stories of a number of these ‘degenerates’. Such geniuses as Chagall, Freud, Brecht, Schoenberg, Einstein, Hannah Arendt, Fritz Lang – all of whom fled the Nazis.    And others like Django Reinhardt and Josphine Baker who stayed and prospered despite their degenerate status.

JOHN MINNION moved to Liverpool in 2001 after many years working in London as a newspaper illustrator and caricaturist. Under the  imprint Checkmate Books, he has published a number of illustrated books including a history of Liverpool in caricatures, ‘Pool of Life’. John will be signing his books before and after the talk.


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