Metal: Alone/Together AV Performance

14 and 15 February 2013

18:30 – 19:30

Legends Of Flight present Alone/Together, a series of immersive
performances with sound controlled visuals, developed specifically for
the Engine Room at Metal.

The audience will be invited into an intimate, controlled,
surround-sound environment where they will experience a sense of space
& place. During moments of total darkness, the music will explore
characteristics of unfamiliar environments & the emotional responses
they provoke.

Inspired by the location at Edge Hill Station, musical & visual themes
intertwine with sound-controlled visuals to explore themes of escape,
journey & loss creating a dark atmospheric sonic landscape.
Instrumentalists will manipulate location recordings, harnessing the
properties of real-life experience to create emotive textural sound
pieces & explorative songs.

Custom-developed software will enable music to be illustrated by
interactive projected visuals, controlled in real-time by the sonic
nuances of voices & instruments being played.

This current project further explores ideas developed for the ‘Tinted
Venus’ performances at The Walker Art Gallery, November 2012.
Tickets £3.50 available from