Lost Properties: Events Listing


Lost massives……do you need some tingle fodder for brain heart and soul? or just time out from the cold and into juicy creative warmth? Your Losties in residence have found some surprises for you in the soup of our joint consciousness, and in collaboration with Liverpools’ resident kaleidoscopic talent and you, our wandering guests.

Thursday 1st March: Intermission Night

6-10:00 pm

The first thing you never knew you wanted this month – an audio visual jam between some of the best musicians in town including The Royal Wedding Ensemble (members from A.p.a.T.t and Barberos), and VJs Seb, V for Vienetta, Delphine and L Sparks Psychedelic Light Show. A submersive subversive treat to lose yourself in with jam sandwiches to keep your senses sharp and your fingers sticky.

Sunday 4th March: Tea & Two Slice Returns



Pulling cinematic treats from an infinity of secret pockets, the Tea and Two Slice team return – check http://teaandtwoslice.tumblr.com/ and http://lost-properties.tumblr.com/events for more info, and get ready to wipe the butter from you fingers, the drool from your lips and the tears from your eyes.

Wednesday 7th March: Lost Story Night


5-8:30 pm




A chance to sit in on the stoop and at the table of our Lost Property and wax lyrical together, sharing stories of lost and found, keys, houses and hearts and to create our own stories in the original Story Game, putting strange characters, mysterious objects and sibilant scenarios into the hat to weave from our gathered imaginations new odysseys of wonky charm. 


Thursday 8th March: Closing Extravaganza


 7-10:00 pm


 A night twinkling with seven surprises; a series of live performances responding to lost space and lost properties – finding some of them and celebrating the close of our inhabitation of 63 Renshaw Street, from our 7am opening to our 7pm beginning of the end of the beginning. 


 Daily 5-7pm


 Pop in for a daily dose of music, improv, theatre, dance…..or simply blag the resident artist for a portrait and a cup of tea. Sessions include Tomos’ listening hour, Delphines’ domestic rituals and a series of special gusts blowing through our open doors.