Look11: In Harmony

13 May – 26 June 2011 at the Philharmonic Hall.  In Harmony Liverpool – Changing Communities Through Music. Mark McNulty.

In Harmony in West Everton has been using the unique power of music in the form of the symphony orchestra to bring positive change to the lives of young children.

Funded by the Department for Education and led by Liverpool Philharmonic with local partners, children learn an instrument from aged 4, immediately becoming a musician of West Everton Children’s Orchestra.

In its first two years, its powerful impacts are supporting children’s educational attainment, outstanding progress in their musical ability, improved Ofsted results for Faith Primary School and increased pride, wellbeing and engagement extending throughout the West Everton community, an area which has suffered long-term deprivation.  ‘An astonishing, inspiring experience … seeing it in action would make a music-educational evangelist of any politician’ Tom Service, The Guardian

Mark McNulty has been documenting this project since the beginning and will be exhibiting these photographs in the Grand Foyer Bar  of the Philharmonic Hall, which will be open to the general public during normal box office hours, as well being there to be viewed by ticket holders during performances at the venue.