Look11: ‘Collateral’ in Watson Building Windows

April 29 – 14 June 2011 in the windows of the Watson Building (formerly Lewis’s), Renshaw St.
‘Collateral’ bt Tom Fairclough. To coincide with the 70th anniversary of the May blitz and as a reminder of the impact of conflict on the innocent in the 20th Century Tom Fairclough’s exhibition Collateral returns this year, this time in the Watson Building (Lewis’s) in Renshaw street.

Lewis’s itself was destroyed in May 1941 so it is appropriate that its windows display the thoughts and words of those who endured this period.

The exhibition is on from April 29th to June 14th and is part of the Look2011 international photography festival as well as Liverpool City Council’s shops upfront programme.

You can see more of Tom Fairclough’s images, in support of Urban Strawberry Lunch (USL), in the Daily Post and Echo Atrium, Old Hall Street, as part of the FAB Collective exhibition on display there.



  1. This exhibition of photographs by Tom Fairclough about the May Blitz in Liverpool, Bootle, Birkenhead and Wallasey uses what look like peaceful images and real captions from victims and people who lived through it.

    I grew up in Hightown on the Sefton coast and never new that the sea defences we walked on all the time were the rubble from the destruction in Bootle in May 1941. I never knew that and as Tom Fairclough points out you can tell it is the remains from houses. Many of the images are of this rubble forming coastal defences at the sea side.

    Photographs were still on display in several windows opposite Caesar’s Palace and Grand Central, 4 February 2012.


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