Hope Street Limited: Deadline

20 October 2012

11 – 18:00

Lipstick on a glass. Tick.
Coded messages in your morning paper. Tock.
An unanswered phone. Tick.
A silhouette in the doorway. Tock.

We haven’t got much time, so here’s what you need to know.
It’s the unexpected guest. He’s on the way.

You have a day to stop him.
To stop them.

It’s a dangerous mission. A mission that will see you finding clues
in the art around Biennial sites to save the city.
If you accept, there’s a real chance it will be the last thing you
ever do.
If you don’t – it’s all over.

One day. One danger. One deadline.

Looks like it’s decision time.
Tick Tock.

Are you in?

Hope Street limited presents Deadline. The day long, exhilarating,
interactive, team game, played around the city. Strictly for adults.

Your nemesis will be arriving on 20th October. Make sure you’re
ready for them.

What are you waiting for?
You mission begins at www.biennial.com


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