Fallout Factory: Unexpected

29 October – 10 November

Viewing: 1 November 17:00 Onwards

Unexpected explores the unusual, surreal and formless feeling of
unanticipated circumstance. What is the unexpected? What is it to
discover something that was previously disguised or not even there?
How do we confront conditions that emerge from nothing to change the
course of life?
The exhibition gathers a diverse cross-section of Liverpool’s most
talented practitioners. From ceramics to painting, film to word art;
each of the artists has used different media to interpret the
unexpected. Whether political, historical, social or defying
categorisation, all the artists respond to the vague concept of an
indefinable thing; the Unexpected.
Artists: Emma Gilmour, Amanda Jones, Marie Canning, Sarah Jones, Rob
Flynn, Mathew Lloyd, Lily Mitchell, Kira Meyer


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