21 February 2013

Opening with a not-to-be missed spectacular, Thursday the 21st will
treat you to an evening of real-life bad-ass in-ring professional
wrestling and live music, from high-flying luchadors and grizzled
brawlers, thanks to Liverpool’s own Infinite Promotions. Get down
early to get a ringside spot you stupid mark. Entry to the opening
event is £5 and gets you a free risograph-printed poster.

Message or Further Details:
Local artists William Daw, Sean Wárs, Hannah Bitowski and Golden
Harvest Industries come together to form a stable of unstoppable heels
and present to the world –


KAYFABEMANIA explores the tragedy, squalor and totally great exciting
fun of wrestling and wrestling fandom.”Kayfabe” is the
pro-wrestler’s code of silence, the act of keeping wrestling’s
fictional elements going outside the ring and protecting the tricks of
the grappling business from the fans.

Come and see new wrestling themed work, from crocheted lucha libre
gear to huge wooden grapplers locked in combat and some literal
interpretations of Hulk Hogan’s most outlandish boasts. The exhibition
also features a Kayfabe Museum of rare wrestling ephemera and
memorabilia, such as carefully preserved samples of Asian Mist and a
semi-genuine Mister Socko.