Dickens gallery, St George’s Hall: Nocturne

15 December 2012 – 13 February 2013

Viewing: 14 December 17:30 0nwards

We are pleased to announce Daniel Eltinger’s solo exhibition at St
George’s Hall.
Drawing on abstract expressionism and the Art Informel of the 1950s
and 60s, Eltinger has developed a new painting technique which he
calls “inversion”: He first paints layers of coloured ornaments on
transparent foil. In an inversive moment he then reverses their order
by printing the colour on the foil onto the canvas.

According to George Pattison (University of Oxford), Eltinger’s
colour combinations generate a dynamic movement, in which “the whole
is less the harmonic totality of these combinations and more the
raising of their separate motions to a higher power”. As we look at
his art, it is “no longer a timeless composition of coloured forms:
it starts to move and come alive”.

Eltinger (born 1981) studied Art History, Gallo-Romance Studies and
Italian Literature at the University of Stuttgart and then transferred
to the State Academy of Art and Design, from which he graduated in
2010. He received grants and awards from the Allianz Kulturstiftung,
the Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft and the Schering Foundation
among others. He lives and works in Berlin and New York.