Cornerstone Gallery: Big Moments

14 September – 25 November 2012

Viewing: 21 September 18:00

The Cornerstone Gallery in collaboration with the Art Space Gallery I Michael Richardson Contemporary Art, London, is proud to present for the Independents Liverpool Biennial an Exhibition by Michael Broughton.

The Cornerstone Gallery
Liverpool Hope University
The Creative Campus
17 Shaw Street
L6 1HP

John Berger writes of Broughton’s paintings that:

The body of work here, consisting of paintings made during the last three or four years … impresses me deeply because of its originality. True originality in art is never an aim but a reward. These heavily worked paintings – mostly on hardboard rather than canvas – achieve something such as I have never before seen.

Michael Broughton’s paintings, forged through a process of repetition and refinement, take as their subject his everyday surroundings: the studio in Falmouth, an adjacent and dilapidated snooker room and the furniture, objects and the bric-a-brac of everyday life. They have no overt narrative or symbolic intent but simply strive to describe a place and the experience of being there