Bellini’s Cocktail Bar and Italian Restaurant: Vibrant Eyes

1 November 2012 from 19:00

Vibrant Eyes is the latest exhibition of Fine Artist and oil painter Anna
Di Scala’s captivating work. The show, presented in conjunction with
Creative Watch Area, will feature brand new pieces of work not seen in
public until this event.

With a style inspired by Picasso and Modigliani yet unique to herself her art work is
designed to be about the eyes. The vibrant colours open your eyes to the world of their
subjects and the subjects in turn are vibrant, looking out at the observer with a confident
stare. The eyes of the exhibitions logo were designed by Anna herself and enhanced by
Creative Watch Area and represent the concept of the exhibition beautifully. When you
witness Anna’s work in person you will surely be captivated by its accomplished passion
and attention to detail.

The exhibition itself is ongoing but make sure to be there on this special night to view
some new pieces not to be unveiled until the evening of the event.

Please note that all pieces on display are available to buy and commissions are
welcomed. Please talk to Anna on the night or contact us for more information using the
contact details below.

Please RSVP to quoting “Vibrant Eyes RSVP”.