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Kino Sputnik FC. – Brian Williams & Andy Eastwood at Baltic Creative Venue, 45 New Bird St Liverpool L1 OBW. 4-13 April 2011.
Throughout the winter in a vast, freezing warehouse in the Baltic Quarter of Liverpool the artist and filmmaker Brian Williams has been hard at work creating with assistance of Andy Eastwood, the  photographer, musician and sound-man, a challenging new film and installation entitled ‘Kino Sputnik FC’.

Other opening times in April: Wed 6th 14-17.00. Friday 8th 20-22.00, Sat 9th 14-17.00, Tues 12th 14-17.00, Wed 13th 20-22.00

In this ‘arena’ which Williams refers to as a ‘Zone of Emergence’ he has created an experimental space in which he may explore his obsession with post Second World War European history. For him this latest space is simply one more station on a long journey. A journey of constantly shifting discourse through which he probes the shadowy parameters of identity within an existential soup of personal histories, ritual, decay, warfare, obsessions, philosophy, terrorism, inertia and the twin political illusions of order and civilization.

I have had the pleasure of seeing it evolve from vast empty space to the laying out of these separate areas or demarcation zones. A secret cinema (Not for Everyone), a football pitch (illuminated by strobe lights), a stranded caravan complete with garden and picket fence, a garden shed now on wheels transformed into ‘The magic Chapel’ and in one corner, what appears to be, an armaments pile… injury in waiting. It is the world as Film-Set. All strangely still now, Europe holding it’s breath…waiting for a spark, divine or otherwise, to ignite the process and bring forth an image of the world…that the world would hardly recognize. This will be a unique opportunity to see the artist-film maker at work. Terry Duffy 25.3.2011.

a BADA project. Organised and arranged by Terry Duffy.
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Many thanks to Bill Maynard (Trustee), Mark Lawler (Centre Manager) and the Board of Baltic Creative.



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