63 Renshaw St: Lost Property

Come one come all! Getting geared up for our magical takeover makeover transformation of this
luscious lost-property in the Liver Pool of life. Open for 2 weeks only before we pack our magic back
into our fingers, ready for the next adventure, this promises to be worth every second of your time with
quality beautiferousness from quality creatives, provocative, involving and evolving with live action
and daily updates on our blog for those unable to enter the gateway in person.
Please wander your way into this temporary porthole to explore the hidden qualities of lost – properties,
topical and topological, combining the ephemeral with the eternal. The tea’s already brewing up for
your visit!


  1. An oddly magical set of spaces – really glad I went there this afternoon. Will be going back and taking a camera.

  2. 63 Renshaw Street is a half derelict, totally forgotten building which has been re-found and given a new, albeit short, lease of life by five independent young artists . They have collaborated to put on a two week exhibition of their various and varied artworks.
    If you like your art clean and clinical, in a shiny, dust-free, gallery, then Lost Properties will be lost on you. Like the venue, with its piles of fallen plaster and peeling paint, the art is gritty and unpretentious. But that is all the pieces have in common. Animation, 3D, painting and printing, using mostly recycled materials, are all represented here. The Artists, Tomo, Delphine, Even, Koti and L. Spark have put together an unconventional and stimulating mélange. Add to this the dilapidated backdrop of an old ‘dole’ office, (including terrifying toilets,) and you have an experience worth finding time for.
    Lost Properties is open 11 to 7 from 23rd of February for two weeks. Its free, so actually, you have nothing to lose. Go down to Lost Properties and you may, like me, find something different!


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