Tate Liverpool – SOUP is Touched

soupcan-100SOUP is Touched
9 – 21 November 2010

An exhibition by members of the Soup Collective which will be an exploration of the boundaries between motion and emotion, action and object, engaging the relationship between the realms of art and ‘real life’; and the perception and experience of the world around us.

As the Liverpool Biennial celebrates a decade of commissioning and showcasing new art, SOUP would like to do the same. Located in the Group Reception Room at Tate Liverpool, the artists of SOUP have been asked to create work that is an extension of the overall theme of the 2010 Biennial, emphasizing how art can affect us and move us in every conceivable way.

Soup was set up in 2001, by a group of artists who all work together at the Tate Gallery in Liverpool. Soup contains a broad spectrum of creative practitioners; from painters to poets, sculptors to actors, film makers to print makers.

The Soup name, of course, is an oblique reference to Andy Warhol’s icons of mass-consumerism, but was also intended as a verbal pun to represent the variety of styles and media.

Soup not only consists of a diverse set of artists who have had some connection with Tate Liverpool, but also represents leading studios in the city; with Reps from Red Wire, Elevator, Arena and Post.

Artists include: Steve Ashton, May Chong, Tifany Kendall, Jackie Kerr, Lee Kendall, Roger Sinek, Emma Sumner, Sue Meyerhoff Sharples, Nick Sykes, Christine Taylor, Louise Waller and Wendy Williams

Part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial strand.

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