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Static – Ssamzie Store

ssamzie logoSsamzie shop / studio inside Static. 20 September 2008 onwards.
Ssamzie is a Korean brand, whose name derives from pure Korean languages, meaning of tobacco pouches. With cutting edge ideas, Ssamzie drives the market as a leader of art, fashion and architecture.

imageUnder the conviction, “Art inspires to the brand”, Ssamzie is able to produce value of artistic-designed goods, rather than those of ordinary commodities. For Ssamzie, art is the text to read changes of social culture, the resource to get inspired to designs and goods itself. That is why Ssamzie also broadens the business to support art, music and culture, continuing the activities as Maecena enterprise. Those efforts make Ssamzie to achieve the dream, creating art-like products, step by step.

Now, Ssamzie opens a shop with a concept of ‘artist’s studio’ in Static Gallery, with Liverpool Biennial.

Liverpool Ssamzie will show not only Ssamzie’s products, but also art books and Korean underground music and various bags and T-shirts which are reformed by Lee, JinKyung, one of Static’s residence artists.

Visit the shop and do not miss the chance to experience Korean art, music, culture and fashion.

You all welcome.

E-mail: liverpoolssamzie@googlemail.com

Website: www.ssamzie.com