Static Gallery: LJMU Pop-Up Exhibition

image18 March 2014


The Fine Art MA students of LJMU are pleased to present a pop-up show exhibiting their work in progress. Please join us  for the exhibition opening and to meet and talk to the artists.

This exhibition will unveil the artist’s work in progress as a durational event that will last for one night only. The continuously shifting landscape of contemporary art will be exemplified in the nature of the show and of the work exhibited inside. Place is often a significant concern for the artists exhibiting at Static and the building acts as a catalyst for the work to be produced and displayed. These artists examine theories and ideas with an insatiable curiosity for fresh stimuli, but also for philosophies that may have been forgotten or overlooked.

The work here will present an international and national scope for the concepts that preoccupy the artists – from exploring the deconstruction of popular media through situational happenings to the meditation of labour after the post-industrial revolution and the implications of globalisation. Many of the artists exhibiting are concerned with the body; exploring the barriers of filth and disgust or the examination of the boundaries of personal space and emergence from nature. Diverse modes of material and form will be exercised – the use of audio and film is a popular medium, whilst other artists will focus their attention to performance and assemblage.

Join the artists in their endeavour to navigate their way through the complexities of their own untimely meditations, if only for one night.