Staaks: Back to Collage – Elaine Hughes

Staaks: Back to Collage – Elaine Hughes

Through out March

Our new exhibition, Back to Collage by artist Elaine Hughes will be showing within the Gallery until the end of March.  Please come in and take a look.  Images are available to look at on our facebook page.

Back to Collage”  by Elaine Hughes (Oh Golly Gosh)

Elaine Hughes is the creator of an imaginary world called ‘Oh Golly Gosh.

Her quirky paper collages depict scenes where the windows of houses are all ‘higgle-dee-piggle-dee’ and teacups are always skew-whiff’

Words and lettering form an integral part of every image, providing a richness to the patterns and evoking layers of meaning and memory.

With a subtle use of narrative, and taking inspiration from the 1940’s and 50’s, Elaine combines vintage ephemera with fabric and stitch to create curious snippets of another world and invites you to join her there…