Staacks – Sherilyn Halligan

Sherilyn Halligan
1 – 30 June 2011

An exhibition by Sherilyn Halligan.  Her work in painting and collage is an exploration of colour and texture relationships, working in a very exploratory way she endeavours to convey the essence of a place that has captured her imagination.

Sherilyn says
“My work is an abstracted record of places visited.  I try to create a sense of that place – to convey an emotion or memory.  Patterns, textures, colours and shapes are all worked across the surface of the canvas or paper until I find the balance”.

Sherilyn Halligan is a Wirral based artist who studied Fine art at Wirral Metropolitan College, graduating with an honours degree from John Moores University in 2001.

Since then she has worked part-time as a tutor in art and design and has worked freelance for Tate Liverpool, delivering the family programme and collaborating on projects with other artists.

Sherilyn Halligan ‘Estuary’


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