Staacks: Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside, by Jo Jenkins

1 – 30 May 2013

Since retiring from teaching Art I am now a full time professional painter.

My paintings are based on places I have visited and this body of work is generally influenced by my drawings and memories of walking the coastal paths of Great Britain.

More recently my paintings contain figurative qualities but they can also be abstract. I don’t aim to produce a realistic vision of where
I have been, but instead hope to evoke a feeling of what it feels like to be in these situations.

The movement of water and the constantly changing effects, which rough seas can create, are of a particular interest to me at the moment. In contrast to this natural environment, man’s imprint such as the beach huts add a colourful and sometimes incongruous addition.

My paintings are in oil on gesso prepared canvas and board. I love the smell of oil paint and I’m always excited by the versatility of this