Thursday, September 28, 2023

Staacks – Jenny Dunlop

jenny-dunlop-love-home-100Jenny Dunlop
1 – 31 December 2010
An exhibition by Jenny Dunlop, textile artist. Jenny’s artwork is created with a number of different techniques.  Artwork is drawn, coloured and collaged with repurposed and vintage fabrics, on watercolour paper. Each one is then individually stitched with jewels and swarovski crystals added for extra sparkle.

Having spent her youth travelling to far off places she is inspired by various cultures, wildlife and COLOUR!

Jenny gets plenty of inspiration too, from her children and the happy go lucky way
they enjoy life!!

Jenny’s work has an innocent, playful twist and is sure to bring a smile to most peoples’ faces…

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Jenny Dunlop – Blue Tail Bird