Staacks: Chloe Holt – Nourished by Silence

Throughout August 2011 at Staacks, West Kirby. Chloe Holt – ‘Nourished by Silence’
Open Evening: Thursday 4 August 19.30 – 21.00 – All welcome

Chloe’s most recent works are emotionally charged compositions with a rhythm and beauty that brings together colour, shape and texture as a balanced fusion of a travel fuelled imagination and an emotional outburst of creative representation.

She has gathered inspiration from a rich range of subject matter striving to create a vocabulary of images and symbols from personal experience. Through her work – either by observations;  references to photographs or still lives,  Chloe puts forward suggestions of widely ranging feelings and reflections, some graphically obvious and some hidden within her work.

A trip to the Nevada desert and the Grand Canyon, revealed symbolic references innate to the lives of the Native Indians and Cowboys and Chloe found it fascinating how the cultures had crossed and nurtured a deep understanding of each others perspective: The use of symbols evoking a sense of power and place within us.

Drawing on mythical symbols from our own past-particularly Roman- the work is then built up around the feeling and emotions each symbol represents, coupled with subtle references to planetary movement and how these may further impact on our emotions.

Staacks, 144 Banks Road, West Kirby, Wirral, 0151 625 0229,


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