Staacks – Birthday Celebration exhibition

fiona-mazza-100Staacks Birthday Celebration exhibition
1 – 31 October 2010

As October will be our first birthday we are holding a special exhibition with paintings by Chloe Holt and Derek King, Ceramics by Fiona Mazza, textiles by Becky Broome and sculpture by Janet Holmes. This month long celebration will run throughout October.

We will also be hosting open evenings on Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th October from 7.30-9.30pm.  This is also a lovely opportunity to meet some of the artists too.  So please come along.

Chloë Holt BA FRSA, a Chester-based artist
Following a Fine Art Foundation year she gained a First Class BA Hons Degree in Printed Textile Design in 2003.

After winning the RSA Student Design Awards for her “Supernature” printed textiles on an ecological and aesthetically conscious theme she was granted a Fellowship of the RSA, and in the same year gained a place at The Royal College of Art London.

The alchemy of materials and discipline of techniques from textile design influence Chloë’s paintings.  Her work is expressive and abstract, charged with emotion and embracing sensory splendour.

Intuitively she explores a unique mix of influences focusing on the rare, banal and imperfect, impermanent moments and inspirational places around the World.  Observing how the often “over-looked” has a subconscious intense cultural symbolism, spirit and aura.

Derek King
Initially studied Art and following four years in teaching, moved into the commercial world of newspapers. Whilst maintaining an active interest in life drawing, Derek has only recently returned to painting, focusing on landscape and seascape images, based on the areas around Wirral and North Wales.

Influenced by his Scottish heritage and now working mainly in oils, his works reflect his interest in colour and light, culminating in a modern naturalistic collection that shows the atmospheric qualities of nature rather than a direct pictorial representation.

20 years of visiting Anglesey holds a further key influence on his work and recent developments using knives rather than brushes reflect the angular and more sculptural sea/land-scapes in his most recent work.

Although born in Dumfries, Scotland, Derek has lived in Liverpool, Nottingham, London and now locally in West Kirby.

Fiona Mazza, ceramic artist
Fiona’s new work focuses on the colourful and vibrant world of butterflies.

Each piece is slip cast and carved, coloured slips are used and burnished to create a smooth finish, bisque fired to 980°. The final firing is Raku, the drama of which appeals to her both as a maker, and as an appropriate way to finish the work.

Fiona has just achieved a first class BA hons in applied arts at Harrogate College.

Becky Broome
, Textile Designer
After graduating in 2009 from Manchester Metropolitan University with a BA (Hons) in Embroidery, Becky Broome started a business producing unique, stylish and superb quality kitchen textiles and homeware products, all made in Britain.

The collection is concerned with exploring the concept of family history through long forgotten ancestral ephemera that belonged to Becky’s great-grandparents and which has been kept and passed down through the generations.  Inspiration is drawn from sentimental heirlooms and family documents including Co-Op books, Rent books and Post Office Savings books which reflect aspects of the social history of the period.  The original embroidered designs produced for Becky’s degree show have been lovingly reproduced through digital print, creating a smooth surface.  This innovative design element gives the appearance of textural embroidery on functional homewares, creating this exciting debut collection of aprons, cushions, oven gloves, tea cosies and tea towels.

Every single Becky Broome product is made in Britain.  The designing, printing and constructing of the products is all done within the UK.  

The collection has already been greeted with critical acclaim from the industry. The UK’s Giftware Association’s prestigious annual Gift of the Year competition have awarded Becky Broome Ltd’s ‘British Document Tea Towels’ with the Highly Commended accolade in the ‘Made in UK’ category. The ‘Pocket Watch Aprons’ were shortlisted in the ‘Kitchen and Dining’ category for their striking print and innovative side pocket design.

Becky has just launched a range of framed textiles as part of the British Document collection. Unusually, the designs are printed onto fabric to retain their tactile quality and mounted in bespoke hand painted frames using Farrow and Ball paint.

Janet Homes, Sculptural Ceramics
Janet was born and grew up in Wallasey on the Wirral. While attending a Saturday morning life class, a casual remark was made that she may find working in a three dimensional medium more rewarding. This insight set her on a lifelong exploration of the endless possibilities of creative ceramics and an enduring love of clay.

The following time spent at Art College and small independent potteries saw her fierce individuality and single minded vision begin to shine. Her work is deeply rooted in a respect for the clay’s natural economy, incorporating textures that suggest intermit and sensuous curves. With an unpretentious organic element, Janet’s free-spiritedness and insatiable desire for life and her art, is reflected in a highly personal approach to her pottery.

Since becoming a single mum, she has continued her quixotic journey, mounting successful exhibitions, teaching and assembling a fine body of work but never to the detriment of her beloved family and friends. These paradoxical needs have made her into a skilled juggler of her time that any world class circus act would envy.

A life long disciple of the wit and wisdom of the Marx Brothers and an almost fanatical emersion in art, poetry, literature and classical music, at times, her life has mirrored the emotional rollercoaster of the M.G.M. musicals that she adores.  All of these things are represented and reflected in ever new piece she completes.

Janet celebrates the creative diversity of the clay and the individuality of the potter. Exposing the naked qualities of the clay; incorporating sensual curves, soft form and contrasting textures is the essence of her work. Also discovering what is special about each of us and celebrating that. “We all have a part of us that we keep hidden” says Janet. “My work reflects that part of me. I feel we all need to take a chance and show who we really are and celebrate that”.

She is looking away from the uniformity of mass production and more towards individualism. What an exciting prospect, people embracing uniqueness and exploring it for themselves. As quoted by John Cassavetes “No matter how old you get, if you keep the desire to be creative, you’re keeping the man-child alive”. This is the essence of her work, celebrating creativity in our selves.

Each piece is made by hand coiling the stoneware clay into individual forms. No two pieces are the same. They are then fired twice so that each piece can be exhibited either in or outdoors.

Janet’s pieces reflect her moods and thoughts and married to the clay’s tangible and malleable qualities produce highly personal, expressive and unique work.

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