Staacks – “Touch of Blue”

Into-the-deep-100“Touch of Blue” by Marion Sibella Yorston
9 August – 30 August 2010
Solo exhibition by Marion Sibella Yorston.

Artist’s statement
I was born on the Scottish Island of Orkney. My formative years were spent in Scotland and Canada. My earliest childhood memories are filled with coastal walks, finding treasures in rock-pools and being amazed by the beauty of the natural world.

This love has remained and constantly intrigues and inspires me in my work as an artist. My art becomes the embodiment for my fascination on natural cycles and processes;  birth, de-composition then finally their regeneration again. I like the idea that the past is always present through historical residue.

I am currently a full-time artist living in Oxford undertaking an MA in Contemporary art at Oxford Brookes University.  I started my creative life as a Commercial Designer and have taught Degree classes in art, architecture and interior design.  I believe life is poetry and poetry is life and no matter what process I decide to channel it through,  my fundamental desire is to share it with others.
– Marion Sibella Yorston

Venue details

Marion Sibella Yorston