The Bombed Out Church: John McDonald: Madonna Portraits

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 16.48.4815 – 31 May 2015


Preview: 15 May, 4-6pm for Light Night

At first glance these images seem simple and straightforward.  They represent a group of  women; all linked by friendships and motherhood, living in an overlooked and neglected part of Liverpool; a working class, overspill housing estate, classified in 2000 as an area of ‘social deprivation’.

Yet these young mothers are proud, dignified and happy to be photographed. The images are unpretentious, celebratory, complex. Deceptively simple, quietly matriarchal. A hidden gem, in public view.

Images from John McDonald: Madonna Portraits, (Speke, Liverpool, 2005).



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