St Lukes: ‘Compassion’ by Keith Calvert

1 July – 31 August 2011 at St Luke’s (Bombed Out) Church, Leece St. ‘Compassion’ by Keith Calvert.

“COMPASSION” is a site-specific art installation designed by Cal to be a portal for consciousness-raising, created within a sacred space.
It is a participatory community art project focusing on the notion of compassion.
The project aims to bring people together and bind them together in community compassion through shared experience.
By leaving Compassion Notes in the Tepee, participants will have a raised awareness of self and of others.
The process will enable people to become more aware of one another’s compassionate nature.
This subtle effect raises consciousness of compassion.
A compassionate community is born from the telling of people’s compassion stories.

Open Thursday – Sunday, 12-6. Weather Permitting