St. Luke’s Church – Up To Something: The Fab Collective

image‘Up To Something’ – The Fab Collective
1 August
– 6 September 2009 (Opening times 12noon-16.00 on Sat 5 & Sun 6 September)
Liverpool photographers are ‘Up to something’ at St Luke’s.  If you haven’t already heard of or been photographed by the Fab Collective then make a date for St Luke’s (‘bombed out church’), when the group’s first exhibition of photographs will be held.

The Fab Collective
consists of Liverpool photographers who met through the photo sharing website Flickr. A seemingly diverse bunch, they share a passion for capturing the city of Liverpool and its residents in their pictures. While most of the group have been friends and contacts online for some time, it was only in January 2009 that the collective was formed.

While the group originally came together to mount an exhibition of photographs, it soon became clear that they had a lot more to offer.

In their first public outing, ‘Finding Fab Faces’, the group hit the streets of Liverpool to take portrait photographs of as many people as possible in one day. The results can be seen on the Fab Collective website

They have also spent a day documenting the Lark Lane area. More events, charity and community projects are planned, details of which will be released on the website over the year ahead.

The future is fab. Collectively so.

Venue details:
St Luke’s (Bombed-Out) Church
Address: Leece Street, Liverpool, L1 2RT
Open 12-4pm on the following dates:
Thu 27, Fri 28, Sat 29 August & Sat 5, Sun 6 September
Further details of the Fab Collective, visit the website

© Zaki Grant