St Luke’s Church – Survival

survival-100Independents-short-100 Survival by Carolyn Shepherd at St Luke’s (Bombed out) Church
05 – 28 November 2010
Burnt wood sculptural installation beneath the bell tower inside St Luke’s.  The inspiration for this art work was taken from the beautiful remains of charred wood that can be seen on the walls of the church.

To make this sculpture wood has been salvaged from industrial sites and each piece individually burnt in a fire pit to produce a charred surface layer with altered textural characteristics as it splits and burns in the extreme heat. Exposing the wood to fire in this alchemic process alters it’s state from vegetable to mineral and preserves if from further decay.

The sculpture is called ‘Survival’ (A Space for Contemplation on the True Nature of Impermanence III) and is part of a current body of work that explores the concept of ‘Continuity’ in the context of complexity, confusion and catastrophe. Exposure to these conditions leads to an altered state that results in beauty, strength and enlightenment. The meditative, ritualistic making process is a key part of the work.

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