St. Luke’s Church – Borderland Collective

borderline-100The Borderland collective
1 – 5 September 2010

The Borderland collective is comprised of recent graduates – hence the title – who are just beginning to exhibit their highly resolved practises in the public sector. Artworks will include paintings, sculptural objects and installations in a wide variety that represents the diverse and imaginative practices of five graduate artists.

Borderland Collective:
Ellie Barrett: lead artist/curator
Sarah Churlish: artist
Peter J. Cribley: curator
Matthew Lloyd: artist
Bex Shindler: artist
Emma Turner: artist

Having developed and worked in the same close-knit studio culture, these artists have shaped a means of working which is projected through the collection we propose to exhibit. We feel that our art not only deals with important issues of domesticity and the modern lifestyle, but it does so in a manner which is accessible and enjoyable and it is for these reasons we are keen to begin exhibiting for ourselves. The purpose of the Borderland Collective is as a not-for-profit organisation that works with artists in this particular liminal period and provides them with an opportunity to confidently present their work in a public forum.

All of the artworks we intend to exhibit deal with the themes and universal experiences of modern lifestyle and domesticity. We feel these artworks are not restrictive in terms of viewing audience, and appeal strongly to children and families as well as adults in the art community.

The five artists exhibiting adopt not a critical perspective of modern life but one which straddles generations, looking at childhood, at the home and at aging and growing up. We believe this work is important but not conceited, universal but personal and enjoyable as well as explorative.

All artists involved have had previous experience of planning, curating and maintaining an art exhibition for the public.

Venue details:
St Luke’s (Bombed-Out) Church
Address: Leece Street, Liverpool, L1 2RT