St Georges – Tiled floor on show!

image Tiled floor on show! – The Great Hall in St George’s Hall
30 January – ENDS SATURDAY 21 February 2009
One of the UK’s most ornate floors is set to be unveiled for a rare showing to the public.  Visitors to St. George’s Hall in Liverpool will be floored by the exquisite Minton tiles which take pride of place in the Great Hall.

The room consists of 30,000 hand crafted tiles, last uncovered in April 2007 following the completion of the £23 million restoration of the Hall.

More than 27,000 visitors flocked to see the immaculately preserved surface which was covered in the 1860s to provide a more hardwearing surface for dancing.

The hand-crafted tiles depict tritons, sea nymphs and boys on dolphins, as well as the city’s coat of arms.

The Hall will be open from 10am to 5pm every day.
Although booking isn’t necessary, there is a £1 a head admission fee.

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