St George’s Hall – The Settlement

imageThe Settlement by the ‘Pool Project 21 January – 15 March 2009
St George’s Hall (Community Gallery, 3rd floor)

’pool have created ‘The Settlement’ for Liverpool people to develop a people plan for our future city, a plan of how we can best use our unused open spaces and make a true local economy. Liverpool needs us local people, we have the expertise in surviving here.

The space, the community gallery, in our greatest building is for you, the community, to develop the plan over the next three months. We will liaise with the city council and others to make the plan happen.

Bring friends, meet, share ideas, book the space, organise a workshop or meeting here, find other people with your interests, do a land use survey, bring photos, share the history of your area. Come to the exhibition and give us your expertise on the people plan.

imageWelcome to the Settlement
Plan / action / get involved
January 21– March 15 10am – 5pm every day
St George’s Hall (Community Gallery, 3rd floor)
William Brown Street, Liverpool L1 1JJ

Settle in
Imagine our future with
other people who want
to make it happen.

Settle down
Everyone is welcome
to join in.


It’s up to us to look after
our open spaces and
ourselves better.

Challenge the status quo
Plan action
Take action
For more information, get involved in workshops or to book the space
call us on 07928 027 180 or email
Visit to see what ‘pool is all about and other ways you could be involved