St Georges Hall: Lovehistory Presents A Victorian Valentine: Crimes of Passion

image00215 February

Doors: 18.45 (North Entrance) | Start: 19.30

This stunning interactive theatrical event worked into a Murder Mystery format will leave attendees intrigued with Victorian fervour, vicious vendettas and the most heart wrenching crime of all…crimes of passion!

The Victorian era was a romantic time; prosperity fostered the dreams of a happily ever after, love letters, hearts, cherubs and doves…but what about the darker side of love and romance in this seemingly lavish era? Join Lovehistory for a Victorian Valentines like no other; where, in a cruel and dark twist of fate, cupid’s arrow carries with it a more murderous message.  Throughout the evening attendees will be wined and dined with a three course meal in the stunning St Georges Hall, one Liverpool’s most prestigious building; in itself a sight to behold and steeped in history, whilst being entertained with real life stories of Victorian crime and passion.

All characters will represent real life historical figures, from merchants to labourers, bachelors and debutantes and cold hearted killers, each of who will do their best to beguile and mislead. Join the victims and the characters from the past and piece together the mysterious events of the evening. Look out for twists and turns, deception and deceit and witness the harsh, brutal and often tragic, reality of Love and Romance.

In true “whodunit” style, each section of the grand hall will be named after a much loved fictional detective; Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Morse, Phillip Marlow, Columbo, Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot etc. During the course of the evening, guests will be given clues and are urged to keep their wits about them as this will be an evening filled with deception, intrigue and…murder most foul.

So, if chocolates and hearts are not for you, attend a Valentine’s night like no other where hearts will bleed and romance takes a tragic turn. Lovehistory ensure that this event is a masterpiece in terms of Murder Mystery evenings and as the guests enjoy the finery, the food and drink and experience Liverpool’s murderous past with this truly interactive evening.

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Tickets: £45 Includes welcome glass of fizz, 3 course meal and coffee (Vegetarian Options available and full menu available online)

Book online at or call 0844 800 0410 – purchase in person at TicketQuarter, Queens Square, Liverpool.


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