22 February – 13 March 2013

The Royal Standard are excited to announce our first partnership with Manchester’s Malgras|Naudet to bring you UNSPECIFIC OBJECTS, an exhibition over two sites featuring 22 contemporary artists. UNSPECIFIC OBJECTS questions the relationships between the art object and everyday objects.  Without a focus on a particular medium or singular approach, the exhibition uses works by  artists that contemplate the object in order to consider art’s enduring power to transform.

Artists: Dan Fogarty | Sharon Hall | Rafal Topolewski | Milo Brennan | Tom Fish | Damien Meade | Kevin Hunt | Jo Addison | Laurence Callaghan | Paul Cordwell | Claire Fontaine | Lilah Fowler | Samara Scott | Caroline Achaintre | Tom Railton | Lucy Clout | Matilda Moors | Desmond Church | Benedict Drew | Andrew Mcdonald | Tom Godfrey | Michael White


The Royal Standard


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