The Royal Standard: Live! Rachel Pursglove

unnamed12 June 2015

7 – 9pm


The Royal Standard presents a series of three live events taking place during the summer. Each event invites an artist to showcase new performance work, all of which are vastly different and entirely experimental.

To begin The Royal Standard: LIVE!, Rachel Pursglove will carry out a live performance of her video work, The Struggle.

The Struggle is a performance rooted in loneliness; it deals with the many challenges of creativity and serves also as a metaphor for the many challenges of life. The starting point of the performance is a large cardboard box which births the artist who may or may not have chosen to wear a black plinth like object over the upper part of her body, concealing her identity and restricting her vision and movement. The artist struggles with the experience of leaving this womb-like box, and the weight of the new form is carried with her throughout. The restriction of the heavy black plinth acts as an embodiment of the pressures often forced upon us by the real world. The viewers can only watch the physically and mentally exhausting task, but one which is necessary and dependent upon completion. It is a task that the artist may have set herself or by some outside force. Creativity itself is a task, a struggle and this performance is an interpretation.

Pursglove has recently completed her MA in Fine Art Practice at the University of Central Lancashire. Recent exhibitions include Carpets Up! (The Birley, Preston); Rule of 3 (Islington Mill, Salford) and the Fanzines festival in Paris.

The Royal Standard: LIVE! Will continue with performances by Jake Laffoley and Louisa Martin on 26/06/15 and 10 July 2015.

The Royal Standard is an artist-led gallery, studios and social workspace in Liverpool. Through a dynamic and challenging gallery programme that brings together local, national and international artists, we showcase exciting and innovative exhibitions and events, working with the most outstanding recent graduates and emerging artists as well as more established practitioners and other artist-led initiatives.


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