The Royal Standard: External Machines

External-Machines-Web14 March – 3 May 2015

Friday – Sunday 12–5pm, or by appointment


Preview: 13 March 2015

External Machines will investigate the tension between ideas of constriction and relief, whether they be theoretical, physical, self-imposed or out of necessity. This will be explored in a variety of disciplines including sculpture, print, photography and digital works. This group show will bring together artists from a vast array of backgrounds, all exploring similar notions from diverse perspectives.

In most of what we do, our environment’s inner workings are hidden away, obfuscated, or indecipherable without expert knowledge. When thinking about the spaces that we inhabit, where are the contraption, machine and self found aesthetically? External Machines attempts to examine both the physical and psychological effects of interacting with environments that include a myriad of objects that have both observable and graspable functionality, and objects that do not have a level of transparency to the ways in which they operate.

Some of these works have been specifically selected in consideration of their accordance to the exhibition’s theme, whilst others are new works constructed in response to the interior architecture of The Royal Standard.

As the organisation continues a period of research and investigation, External Machines represents The Royal Standard’s exploration into ways that its gallery spaces, along with other areas of the building, are used. By including works that utilise and accentuate certain architectural features The Royal Standard can develop new methods of display while also calculating necessary requirements when considering potential future expansion into new buildings.

Exhibiting artists include Catrin Davies & Lewis Wright, Adam Ferriss, David Frame, Chloe Manasseh and Janneke van Leeuwen.

The exhibition will be punctuated by a number of public events which will compliment the work showcased. Further information TBC.


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