Royal Standard – Low Profile

imageLow Profile – Dry Run, Performative  Residency. 9 – 11 October 2008
Thursday 9th – Saturday 11th October 2008
Thu-Fri 11-18.00 , Sat 10-22.00

A two day performative residency by Plymouth-based collaborative duo LOW PROFILE, culminating in a 12 hour durational performance exploring strategies of survival against all odds..

DRY RUN part 3 – Scale of Emergency
Thursday 9th & Friday 10th October 2008, 11am – 6pm

DRY RUN part 3 – Scale of Emergency is a performative installation that presents LOW PROFILE’s attempt to understand, locate and make sense of varying scales of emergency – investigating the nature of personal, micro emergencies alongside the larger, macro (national or global) emergencies we are exposed to on a daily basis.

LOW PROFILE have set themselves the challenge of mapping a collection of emergency situations on a series of target diagrams. Through discussion with each other and their audience, they make decisions about what should go next to what – measuring (for example), whether losing your keys is ‘worse than’ or ‘as bad as’ falling off your bike or whether you could use the Richter scale to measure the effects of a broken heart.

To help them in their task of making the ‘scale of emergency’ diagrams, or to discuss their project with them in more detail, please come and visit them on Thursday (9th) and Friday (10th) at The Royal Standard Project Space. If you can’t make it to Liverpool, why not send your suggestions for types of emergencies to be included in their ‘scale of emergency’ diagrams to:

DRY RUN part 2 – How to save your skin when disaster strikes without warning
Saturday 11th October 2008, 10am – 10pm*


After three days of intensive discussion, preparation, analysis and learning, LOW PROFILE will present a new 12 hour durational performance exploring ideas about rehearsing for life – trying to pre-empt and prepare for situations of emergency.

LOW PROFILE will use the found text “The Book of Survival” by Anthony Greenbank (1967) – 265 pages of information about how to survive brake failure, constipation, ants, claustrophobia, falling debris, electric shock, ghosts, heart attack, cracked lips, loneliness, fall-out radiation, burglars, sandstorms, altitude sickness, being lost and darkness.Through the performance, they navigate the strange content of “The Book of Survival” in the hope that they will learn how to survive, against all odds.

*the exact duration of this performance is unknown – when Hannah has read ‘The Book of Survival’ from cover to cover (allowing for interruptions/questions from Rachel) the piece will end. We estimate that this could take approximately 12 hours, as Hannah is a slow reader and gets distracted easily.

DRY RUN is an umbrella name for a series of LOW PROFILE’s ongoing investigations into working out the right thing to do in a situation of emergency. This series will include durational performances, videos, bookworks, and performative installations.

DRY RUN parts 2 & 3 are part of an ongoing research project supported by Plymouth College of Art.

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