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imageAll Change
21 June – 4 July 2009

All Change garners and borrows five artists from the rain-soaked cobbleways and warrens of Manchester’s Rogue Artists Studios, to the seagull squawked, windswept sea air of the industrial sanctuary that is Liverpool’s The Royal Standard.

Linked by their industrial history and divided by their football allegiances, the contentious relationship between Manchester and Liverpool remains as lively as ever. And while art and culture thrives in both locations, artists from the two cities rarely collaborate. 

All Change sees an exchange between two studio groups: The Royal Standard in Liverpool, and Rogue Studios in Manchester, in an attempt to bridge this creative divide.

Magnus Quaife and David Gledhill adopt images scoured and pilfered from small town Europe, here and the internet, while Dave Griffiths presents speed drenched, flashpoint cue-dot epics born out of pseudo-astronomical impulses.

Andrea Booker rehashes signage wharf-ratted from beyond warehoused Manchester into new scrabbulated narratives; whilst notions of uncovery and scurrying fascinations with material matter are also evidenced in Maeve Rendle’s photographic sequences of now absent-sculptural formulations.

In exchange eight Royal Standard artists have juttered eastways to reciprocately hydro-charge a solidified dialogue (14 June – 28 June 2009 at Rogue Project Space, Manchester. View by appointment only).

For information on eight Royal Standard artists that will be permeating Rogue Artists Studios Project Space see

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