Royal Standard: Constant Dullart: Rave Lecture

thisRaveLecture30 May 2014


The Royal Standard and FACT present artist Constant Dullaart’s (DE/NL) Rave Lecture.  The third in a series of lectures, Rave Lecture examines the increasingly blurred line between the real and the virtual. Dullaart brings together two opposing formats to explore the networked non-spaces where performance can appear.

“Whilst talking about these experimental environments for performative and engaging or even interactive works, I thought it best that my research presentation would take place obscured within another format.

Another social environment, something that would hide the fact that there was an informative lecture going on. I thought it best to hide my lecture in a rave. The music that is playing I have personally collected from Brasil, Russia, India and China, the so called BRIC countries. All tracks are taken from popular music collection disks that mix traditional cultural music with basically Eurodance. This is the music heard in every newly built generic shopping street, now mixed together in the BRIC-mix for your enjoyment. Best enjoyed with a starbucks coffee and a deprived sense of irony. Or a beer at an exhibition in some cinema in Liverpool. Bringing the world closer together beat by beat. : {

Please feel free to read, dance, drink, talk (the text is edited to be understood quite easily but takes a while to read) at this third experimental Rave Lecture. Let’s commence; Welcome to this Rave Lecture.”

Royal Standard