Roadworks: ‘Open Road’ – Exhibition by Road Studio Artists

Roadworks Gallery

Until Sunday 20 December 2015

Following the success of gallery launch event “Open Road”, the artists of Road Studios are extending the first ever Roadworks exhibition until Sunday 20th December. Roadworks is Road Studios’ brand new gallery and workshop space, which will provide opportunities for upcoming artists to hold their own future showings.

Open Road has been curated by studio members Tony Knox and Rob Flynn and showcases the work of these artists plus Helios Bernal Alcantarilla, Matt Kilp, Adele Spiers, Eimear Kavanagh, Shelli Le Fay, Alan Williams, Emily Salinas, Lee Booth, Lois Tierney, Ambidexter, Nuever, Alicia Talikowska, Ilan Sheady, Esperança, Hayley Grafflin, Francis Gomez, Ruth Dillon, Abi Burrows, Tom Bowden Graham, Tony Lavender ,kirsten Hawkins and Katie Whittle.

A tour of the studio follows the gallery visit, where guests can meander the space, taking in the micro exhibitions located in the individual artist workstations that make up Road Studios.

The gallery will be open to visitors from 12pm until 7pm. Appointments can be arranged by calling 07908575211 or just ring the bell outside 69 Victoria Street, Liverpool, L1 6DE.

Road Studios is on the top floor and is not wheelchair accessible.
To find out more about the artists featured, please visit .

Top Floor, 69 Victoria Street, Liverpool City Centre, L1 6DE