Rennies – Sarah Jane Szikora


Artist of the Month – Sarah Jane Szikor. July – August 2010
Outrageously exaggerated figures and animals, naughty food and gingerbread men form the main subjects in the artwork created by Sarah-Jane. Painted in vibrant, sweet shop colours, her amusing take on the human condition would challenge even the sternest individual not to crack a smile.

“Its nice but not essential to recieve critical acclaim. I’m delighted that real people enjoy my art and its a goal in the back of the net every time I hear a giggle from the hushed corner of a gallery.”

“I love the challenge of finding humour in an ordinary situation. The world today has many artists responding to tragic and desperate events, can we not find the time to smile”

As The Artist of the Month for July and August  Rennies are offering a discount of  15% off any of Sarah Jane’s work – JULY & AUGUST ONLY.

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